Orders, Decorations and Medals of Iceland

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Henrik Revens for the use of images from his magnificent collection, Michael Rindsig for his generosity and advice, and Hans J. Runge for advice and corrections.

Grateful thanks to Liverpool Medals and Morton & Eden, for the use of images from their catalogues.


President of Iceland - The Order of the Falcon

Antonio Prieto Barrio - Ribbons of Iceland

Jean Paul LeBlanc - Medals of Iceland (Archived July 2014)

Ilya Repetski - World Awards: Iceland

Henrik Revens - Orders of Iceland (Archived January 2009)

Eric Semon - Décorations de l'Islande

Sven Vik - World Orders & Medals: Iceland

Medalj.nu - Ribbons of Iceland

Text References

Hieronymussen, P. (1967) Orders, Medals and Decorations of Britain and Europe Blandford, London.

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