Duchy of Anhalt: Fredrick Cross


Ribbon: Green with narrow red (combatant) or white (non-combatant) edges.

Combatant Non-combatant

Instituted: 12 December 1914.
Discontinued: 1918.

Awarded: For distinguished conduct in the field or in support of the war effort.

Grades: 2 (although the First Class, to be worn as a breast badge, was intended but never implemented. Specimens can still be found, however).

Class 1 Class 1, Obverse Class 1, Reverse
Class 2, Combatant Class 2: Combatant, Obverse Class 2: Combatant, Reverse
Class 2, Non-combatant Class 2 (Non-Combatant), Obverse Class 2 (Non-Combatant), Reverse
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