Australia: Australian Active Service Medal

Ribbon: Narrow red central stripe on pale green, with green side stripes and dark green edge stripes separated by a narrow yellow stripe, and narrow dark brown edges.

Instituted: 13 September 1988.

Awarded: For service in warlike operations.

Obverse Sketch of reverse
KUWAIT: 1 day's service between 17 January and 28 February 1991 in the operational area. [Service in the area outside these dates results in award of the Australian Service Medal, bar KUWAIT.] EAST TIMOR: NAMIBIA: Formerly awarded as a bar to the Australian Service Medal, from October 2001 recipients may exchange their award for the AASM bar NAMIBIA.
ICAT: For service in Afghanistan as part of the International Coalition Against Terror' since 11 October 2001. IRAQ 2003: For service in the Middle East Area of Operations for one day.
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