Australia: Police Overseas Service Medal

Ribbon: Black and white check.

Instituted: 25 April 1991.

Awarded: To police officers for service with international peace keeping operations. A silver clasp is worn showing the operation for which it is awarded.

Obverse Reverse
AFGHANISTAN: 1 0ctober 2007-date BOUGAINVILLE: November 1997-date CAMBODIA: May 1992-September 1993
CYPRUS: May 1964-date EAST TIMOR: 25 October 1999-20 May 2005 HAITI: November 1994-March 1995
MOZAMBIQUE: March 1994-December 1994 PNGAPP: Service with Papua New Guinea Australia Policing Partnership April 2008-date RAMSI: Service with the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands, 21 July 2003-date
SOLOMON ISLANDS: 1992 SOMALIA: April 1993-July 1994 SUDAN: Service with UNMIS, 9 March 2006-July 2011
TIMOR LESTE: 20 May 2005-December 2012 TPNG: For Australian Police on duty in the Territory of Papua and New Guinea, 1 July 1949-30 November 1973 SOUTH SUDAN: Service with UNMISS, July 2011-date
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