Grand Duchy of Baden: Order of the Zähringen Lion

Orden der Löwen von Zähringen

Ribbon: Green with orange-yellow edge stripes.

Instituted: 26 December 1812.
Discontinued: 1918.

Awarded: Unknown.

Grades: 4 (Grand Cross, Commander, Knight 1st Class, and Knight 2nd Class) plus a Merit Cross.

Any grade may be awarded "with swords" for military achievements, or "with oak leaves" for a "special achievement" or with both.

Civil With Swords With Oak Leaves With Swords & Oak Leaves
Sorry - no picture Sorry - no picture Commander: Badge
Grand Cross: Badge Grand Cross: Star Commander: Badge
Sorry - no picture Knight 1st Class Sorry - no picture
Commander: Star Knight 1st Class Knight 2nd Class
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