Kingdom of Belgium: Order of Leopold II

Ordre de Léopold II
Orde van Leopold II

Ribbon: Blue with a central black stripe.

Grand Cross Gand Officer Commander Officer Knight

Instituted: 24 August 1900 (as an Order for the Congo Free State, became Belgian Order in 1908).

Awarded: To Belgians and foreigners for services to the Sovereign of Belgium, and as a token of his personal goodwill.

Grades: 5 classes (Grand Cross, Grand Officer, Commander, Officer and Knight) and 3 medals (Gold, Silver and Bronze).

Type 1
Type 2
Type 3
Grand Cross: Badge Grand Cross: Badge, Obverse Sorry - no picture of reverse
Grand Cross: Star Grand Cross: Star, Obverse Grand Cross: Star, Reverse
Grand Officer Sorry - no picture of obverse Sorry - no picture of reverse
Commander Commander, Obverse Commander, Reverse
Officer Officer, Obverse Officer, Reverse
Knight Knight, Obverse Knight, Reverse
Gold Medal Gold Medal, Obverse Gold Medal, Reverse
Silver Medal Silver Medal, Obverse Silver Medal, Reverse
Bronze Medal Sorry - no picture of obverse Sorry - no picture of reverse
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