German Democratic Republic: Order of Military Merit

Militärischer Verdienstorden der DDR

Ribbon: Grey with wide yellow, black and red edge stripes.

Class 1 (Gold) Class 2 (Silver) Class 3 (Bronze)

Instituted: 1982.

Awarded: For outstanding contributions to the strengthening of friendly relations and further cooperation between the National People's Army of the GDR and the armies and forces of other states.

Grades: 3 (Gold, Silver or Bronze).

Class 1 (Gold) Class 1 (Gold), Obverse Class 1 (Gold), Reverse
Class 2 (Silver) Class 2 (Silver), Obverse Class 2 (Silver), Reverse
Class 3 (Bronze) Class 3 (Bronze), Obverse Class 3 (Bronze), Reverse
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