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Official website of the Presidency of the Italian Republic - Le Onorificenze

David Devine - Rusty Knight's Place: Italy

Lucasz Gaszewski - Ribbons of Decorations and Medals of the Italian Republic

C. Giorgi - Segni d'onore e di merito

Jean-Paul LeBlanc - Medals of Italy (Archived July 2014)

Hendrik Meersschaert - Medals of the Second World War: Italy

Ilja Repetski - World Awards: Italy

Eric Semon - Décorations Italiennes

Francesco Saverio Sesti - I distintivi di grado ministeriali - Italian badges of office (Archived August 2015)

Francesco Saverio Sesti - Fregi per basco - Italian military insignia (Archived September 2015)

Mario Volpe - Tavole ordini ITALIA

Mario Volpe - Tavole ordini ITALIA (NUOVE Regno e Repubblica)

Mario Volpe - Tavole ordini ITALIA PREUNITARIA (nuove)

Mario Volpe - Tavole decorazioni ITALIA NUOVE (Regno, Rep., Preun.)

Mario Volpe - Tavole Decorazioni CROCE ROSSA ITALIANA

Italian Regalia (Medals, Insignia and Uniforms) 1922-1945

Wikipedia - List of Italian Orders of Knighthood

MedalBook - Italy

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