Orders, Decorations and Medals of the People's Republic of Poland

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Awards made by Non-Governmental Organisations

  • Ludwik Warynski Decoration
  • Meritorious Member of Democratic Party Decoration
  • Peasant Battalions Cross
  • 1000 Years of Polish Statehood Decoration
  • Association of Fighters for Freedom and Democracy Decoration of Merit
  • Polish Red Cross Crystal Heart Decoration of Honour
  • Voluntary Fire Brigades Association Gold Decoration of Honour
  • Polish Red Cross Decoration of Honour
  • Meritorious Member of the Soldiers Friends League Decoration
  • Socialist Youth Association Decoration of Janek Krasicki
  • Rural Youth Association Decoration of Ignacy Solarz
  • Decoration of Merit for the Voluntary Labour Troops
  • Polish Red Cross Meritorious Honorary Blood Donor Decoration
  • Fire Brigades Medal of Merit
  • Polish Scout Association Cross of Merit
  • Country Defense League Medal of Merit
  • Decoration of Merit for the Socialist Youth Association
  • Meritorious Activist of SMYA/PSYA in the Armed Forces Decoration
  • Decoration of Merit for the Rural Youth Association
  • Country Defense League Meritorious Member Decoration
  • Meritorious Member of CDL Reserve Officer Clubs Decoration
  • Decoration Meritorious Member of the Civic Militia Voluntary Reserve
  • Decoration for Merit in Fire Protection Competition
  • Youth for Progress Decoration
  • Decoration of Merit to the Warsaw Branch of Polish Socialist Youth Association
  • Medal Safeguard of National Monuments
  • Polish-Soviet Friendship Society Meritorious Member Decoration
  • Polish-Soviet Friendship Society Decoration for Merit in Strengthening of Friendship
  • Poles in the Red Army Medal
  • Dr. Henryk Jordan Medal
  • Medal for Hunting Merit
  • Order of Smile
  • Order of the White Raven (Lublin Chapter)
  • Order of Pomian
  • Polonia Society Decoration of Honour
  • Polish-Soviet Friendship Society Decoration for Brotherly Assistance
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