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Particular thanks are due to Devereaux Cannon, who kindly sent pictures and information about Rhodesian medals; and to Ilya Repetski for images.

Grateful thanks to Dix Noonan Webb and the London Medal Company, who have permitted the use of images from their catalogues.


Antonio Prieto Barrio - Ribbons of Rhodesia Page 1 + Page 2

David Devine - Rusty Knight: Medals of Zimbabwe and Rhodesia

Peter Garrat - Rhodesian Militaria - fine site covering a wide range of militaria, although a bit thin on medals!

Jean-Paul LeBlanc - Rhodesian Honours and Awards

Ilja Repetski - World Awards: Zimbabwe

Yuri Yashnev - For Merit: Rhodesia

Wikipedia - Orders, Decorations and Medals of Rhodesia

Rhodesian Army Association - Rhodesian Forces Website: Honours and Awards

Prison Service of Rhodesia - Medals

Text References

Wilson, R. (2013) Medals of the Bush War: Rhodesian Medals and Awards. Journal of the Orders and Medals Society of America 64(3):13-21.

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