The USSR: Links and Other References


Dave Devine (Rusty Knight) for his kind permission to use any of his images; and Alexander Morozov for information, corrections and pictures.


Arthur G. Bates Soviet Military Awards - an awesome and authoritative collection of information.

Andrew J. DiMaggio Orders and Medals of the USSR - another comprehensive site, with nice descriptions as well as illustrations and ribbon samples.

Ed Maier - Red Army Militaria - dealer specialising in the orders and medals of the Soviet Union. He also supplies Soviet badges and propaganda posters and Imperial Russian items. Most items are illustrated.

Shawn M. Caza - The NKVD and KGB Web Page - as much as you might want to know about the history, dress and awards of the state security organs of the USSR. Well-illustrated and fascinating - for example, the specific award criteria for various medals as applied to members of the security services.

Lee Richards - Soviet Orders and Medals Database - this site is particularly useful for the English translations of the statutes and regulations of many of the Soviet awards; and for the well-researched list of recipients of the Order of Victory.

Andrew Kuznetsov USSR Orders and Medals - this site is in Russian, but even if you cannot read it, the illustrations are beautiful.

CollectRussia - a dealer specialising in the 'Communist bloc', well-illustrated and comprehensive sales lists.

Dave Devine (Rusty Knight) - Soviet Medals - his personal collection.

M. Andersson - Medals and Orders of the USSR.

A.H. Georgiades - Russian Medals

Jeremy Newman - Jeremy's Medals: USSR

Eric Bush - Ribbons of the Soviet Union

Dimitri Markov (Medal Dealer) - Coins and Medals - items for sale

Roy Woolley (Medal Dealer) - Russia - items for sale - a fine dealer site with an excellent range of Russian material.

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