Kingdom of Saxony: Albert Order


Ribbon: Green with white edge stripes.

Instituted: 31 December 1850.


Grades: 7.

Type 1
Type 1 with Swords
Type 2
Type 2 with Swords
Grand Cross: Badge Grand Cross: Badge, Obverse Grand Cross: Badge, Reverse
Grand Cross: Star Grand Cross: Star, Obverse Grand Cross: Star, Reverse
Commander Class 1: Badge Commander Class 1: Badge, Obverse Commander Class 1: Badge, Reverse
Commander Class 1: Star Commander Class 1: Star, Obverse Commander Class 1: Star, Reverse
Commander Class 2 Commander Class 2, Obverse Commander Class 2, Reverse
Officer Officer, Obverse Officer, Reverse
Knight Class 1 Knight Class 1, Obverse Knight Class 1, Reverse
Knight Class 2 Knight Class 2, Obverse Knight Class 2, Reverse
Albert Cross Sorry - no picture of obverse Sorry - no picture of reverse

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