Kingdom of Saxony: General Honour Cross

Allgemeines Ehrenzeichen

Ribbon: Green with 3 white stripes.

Instituted: 31 January 1876.
Discontinued 1919.

Awarded: To persons who, through glorious acts or through extraordinary merit, have acquired the right to be recognized. In 1901, swords were added for awards for military merit, and in 1907 a 'higher grade' with a crown (and swords if appropriate) was added.

Cross Cross, Obverse Cross, Reverse
Cross with Swords
Added 1901
Cross with Swords, Obverse Cross with Swords, Reverse
Cross with Swords on Ring
Added 1901
Sorry - no picture of obverse Sorry - no picture of reverse
Cross with Crown
Added 1907
Cross with Crown, Obverse Cross with Crown, Reverse
Cross with Crown and Swords
Added 1907
Cross with Crown and Swords, Obverse Cross with Crown and Swords, Reverse
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