Spain: Cross of Military Merit

Cruz del Mérito Militar

Ribbon: Red with a white central stripe.

Instituted: 3 August 1864 by Queen Isabel II, revised 1931, 1936, 1942, 1970, 1977, 28 July 1995, and 1 August 2003.

Awarded: For acts of bravery, distinction, service or merit by members of the Armed Forces, or civilians in support of the military.

Grades: 2 (Grand Cross and Cross) in 4 Divisions (Red, Blue, Yellow, and White).

(War Service)
Grand Cross: Star
(for General Officers)
Grand Cross: Star, Obverse Sorry - no picture of reverse
Grand Cross: Badge
(for General Officers)
Sorry - no picture of obverse Sorry - no picture of reverse
(for all other ranks)
Cross, Obverse Cross, Reverse
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