Orders, Decorations and Medals of Switzerland

Flag of Switzerland

Text List

  • Length of Service Decoration
  • Alpine Decoration
  • Skill-at-arms Decoration (Assault Rifle
  • Skill-at-arms Decoration (Pistol)
  • Training Decoration (Buddy Aid/NBC Defence)
  • Training Decoration (Coxswain)
  • Training Decoration (Gun Aimer)
  • Sports Decoration
  • Sports Competition Decoration
  • Operations within Switzerland
  • Kosovo Mission Insignia
  • Bosnia-Herzegovina Mission Insignia
  • Korea Mission Insignia
  • Namibia Mission Insignia
  • Western Sahara Mission Insignia
  • Peace Support Mission Insignia
  • UN Military Observer Mission Insignia
  • Partnership for Peace Mission Insignia
  • Long Leave for Military Duties Abroad Insignia
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Page last updated: 29 December 2015