Orders, Decorations and Medals of Taiwan
(Republic of China)

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Military Orders

Military Medals

  • Army, Navy and Air Force Medal 
  • Glorious China Medal 
  • Defence of the City Medal 
  • Chinese Treasure Medal of Honor
  • Loyalty and Virtue Medal 
  • Glory in Ju Medal 
  • Xian Disaster Commemorative Medal
  • War of Resistance Victory Commemorative Medal
  • Memorial Medal for the Second World War

Army Medals

  • Glory of the Land Medal 
  • Golden Cup Medal 
  • Black Tiger Medal 
  • Brilliant Bow Medal 
  • Scenic Medal 
  • Precious Star Medal 

Navy Medals

  • Glory of the Sea Medal 
  • Merit on the Sea Medal 
  • Award of the Sea Medal 
  • Achievement of the Sea Medal 
  • Sea Breeze Medal 
  • Marine Corps Medal 

Air Force Medals

  • Star Medal 
  • Rising Roc Medal 
  • Cloud and Dragon Medal 
  • Flying Tiger Medal 
  • Winged Leopard medal 
  • Male Condor Medal 
  • Vermillion Bow Medal 
  • Awe-Inspiring Medal 
  • Distinguished Service Medal 
  • Exemplary Medal
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