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Roberto Ortiz, Andreas M. Schulze Ising, Yuri Yashnev, Ilja Repetski, and José Luiz Silva Preiss, who are always ready to share pictures and information; and Paulo Duarte Amarante Magalhães who pointed out an error.

Grateful thanks to La Galerie Numismatique, Liverpool Medals, Morton & Eden, and Spink & Son, who have allowed use of items from their catalogue.


Brazilian Navy - Condecorações e Insígnias (Archived July 2007).

Brazilian Air Force - Medalhas

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Christopher Buyers - Royal Ark: Orders and Decorations of Brazil

Rudnei Dias da Cunha - Brazilian Military Medals - beautiful site in Portuguese & English (click on the Union Flag at the bottom for English text)

Andreas M. Schulze Ising - Brazil: The Imperial Order of the Rose

Ilja Repetski - World Awards: Brazil

Eric Semon - Décorations du Brésil

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