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Gentlemen's Military Interest Club

The International Encyclopaedia of Uniform Insignia

SA Gongs - South Asian Decorations and Medals Discussion Board

British Medal Forum

Onderscheidingen forum - Dutch-language forum mostly focussed on the medals of the Netherlands

Stirnpanzer - primary focus is German awards & other militaria from all periods, but other good stuff as well

Finnish Awards - comprehensive forum discussing all manner of Finish militaria and insignia, as well as awards.

Ed DeLoach - The Orders, Awards and Decorations Forum - one of the first, now just about defunct, alas

Forum Insignes et Médailles - (mostly) French-language community discussing world ODM

Medal Societies

International Phaleristics Association - a new international organisation dedicated to the study of orders, decorations, and medals worldwide.

The Orders and Medals Society of America - includes an excellent Database of world awards, an Index to their publications, book reviews, website links (particularly good on military sites)... and the OMSA's own awards and medals.

Ordenshistorisk Selskab - The Orders and Medals Society of Denmark

Bund Deutscher Ordenssammler - The Orders and Medals Society of Germany

The Orders and Medals Research Society

Zimbabwe Medal Society

Studiekring Faleristiek vzw - the Belgian Phaleristic Association

Studiekring Ridderorden en Onderscheidingen - Dutch Society for the Study of Orders and Awards

Academia Falerística de Portugal - Portuguese Phaleristics Academy

Österreichischen Gesellschaft für Ordenskunde - Austrian Society for the Study of Orders

If you know of any good links, please let me know.

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